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Our Jeet Kune Do Roots: Embracing the Legacy of Bruce Lee and Paul Vunak for Effective Martial Arts Training
Coaches Darrell, Jennifer with JKD legend Paul Vunak

Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is a unique and intense martial arts training style that was created by Bruce Lee. Paul Vunak is a renowned JKD instructor who has trained with many masters, including Dan Inosanto, Rickson Gracie, and Daniel Duby. He is known for his willingness to explore and create in the world of street fighting, which has led to the development of some of the best training methods for fighting. At Cultivate Power Fighting Arts, we have integrated Vunak’s training methods into our program and continue to honor his legacy.

Revolutionary Training Methods Inspired by Paul Vunak: Embracing the Spirit of JKD at Cultivate Power Fighting Arts

Jeet Kune Do legend Paul VunakVunak’s teaching style was ahead of its time, and many other teachers have since adopted his methods. We are proud to offer training that embodies the spirit of JKD: athleticism, creativity, exploration, passion, progression, and a willingness to understand violence in a way that opens the door to unbridled human expression. Our instructors, Darrell and Jennifer, were fortunate to have trained with Vunak and his co-creator of the Descendants of the Masters program, Harinder Singh Sabharwal.

The Dynamic Fusion: Unleashing Hyper-Advancement with Singh and Vunak’s Jeet Kune Do Training Methods

Singh and Vunak were the perfect blend of yin and yang, creating a special opportunity for hyper-advancement for those willing to embrace the work. However, when they parted ways, Singh continued the progression of Contemporary Jeet Kune Do by starting the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association (JKDAA) based out of the Bay Area. Singh developed his unique Action Strength program, which has been a powerful complement to the JKD training methods we learned from Vunak.

Elevate Your Strength and Performance: Unleashing the Power of Action Strength in Oroville, California

The Action Strength system has four pillars: kettlebells, Tai Chi, Gada (Indian Mace), and Mala Vidyea (Singh’s term for martial/warrior yoga methods originating from The Great Gama and his world-famous wrestling village in India). We have found the Action Strength program to be effective in developing athleticism and JKD attributes, and it remains a staple in our Oroville dojo.

Harinder Singh Sabharwal in Blackbelt Magazine
One of many Blackbelt Magazine articles feautring our former teacher Harinder Singh Sabharwal.

Unlock the Legacy of JKD: Elevate Your Martial Arts Journey at Cultivate Power Fighting Arts

At Cultivate Power Fighting Arts, we offer a unique opportunity to learn and train in the JKD lineage. We continue to learn from JKD legends like Erik Paulson and are committed to honoring the creativity and wisdom of this lineage. If you’re interested in taking your martial arts skills to the next level, we invite you to sign up for a free trial and tour of our elite facility. With consistent practice and hard work, you too can make JKD knowledge a part of you and experience the power it can cultivate in your life.

CSW Black Belt Instructor in Oroville California
The Cultivate Power coaches with Sensei Erik Paulson and Master Rigan Machado, training at the CSW Headquarters.

Cultivate Power Fighting Arts Coaches Flashback Highlights, Training with Paul Vunak