Oroville Women’s Martial Arts: Gaining an Edge with Strength & Defense Training

Gaining an Edge with Strength & Defense Training

In today’s dynamic fitness landscape, more Oroville women are turning to martial arts and strength training. Amidst popular choices like yoga, H.I.T. Training, and CrossFit, why is martial arts gaining traction? More women are finding that the added benefits unique to the martial arts lifestyle gives them an edge in life that you can’t get in other activities. It’s no secret that our world is becoming more violent and unpredictable as society continues to experience the pressures of Earth and social changes.

Women seek answers to questions like:

What would I do if someone attacked me while walking to my car?

How do I handle multiple attackers? Weapons?

How do I protect my home/my self/ my children while my husband is away?

But martial arts isn’t all about preparing for the doom and gloom scenarios that are a part of our reality. It’s also about the fun and sense of well-being that you enjoy from daily movement, exercise and interaction with other people that share your interests.

Cultivate Power Fighting Arts

At Cultivate Power Fighting Arts, the premier martial arts facility for families in Oroville, California, we provide an inviting atmosphere where women can experience the Mental, Emotional and Physical benefits of holistic martial arts training.

Empowerment through Mental Sharpness: Why Martial Arts Boosts Brain Health

In the widely popular course Learning How to Learn“, Terry Sejnowski says that “the best gift you can give your brain is physical exercise…Exercise is by far, more effective than any drug on the market today to help you learn better.”

His statements are based onmany studies that have shown that physical exercise is a major component to our brain health, especially as we age.

Gaining an Edge with Strength & Defense Training

Weapons-based martial arts taught at Cultivate Power, such as Kali, require the ability to use both sides of the body simultaneously, making this exercise particularly beneficial. In addition, we base our classes on live method-sparring practice instead of rehearsing learned, repeated movements or katas. The variability you experience in these training sessions greatly enhance cognitive function.

For example, “Heaven Six” is a stick drill that teaches you to perform several angles of attack to your training partner who is mirroring the same pattern. Crossing your body’s centerline and coordination with the left and right hands at the same time has a powerful effect on your brain, specifically the corpus colosseum.

Programs like Cognitive Kali have been growing in popularity as more people seek ways to prevent mental degradation and diseases like Alzheimer’s as we age. Brain health is particularly important for women, being more likely to develop alzheimer’s than men are.

Merging Strength & Defense: How Martial Arts Enhance Female Vitality

As our female instructors at Cultivate Power can attest, there is a special quality to the physical discipline you achieve when you combine regular martial practices with intelligent strength training programs. Their symbiotic relationship is why Martial Arts and Strength Training are two of the Three Pillars of the Cultivate Power Transformation Programs.

our female instructors at Cultivate Power can attest

Women often seek just one of the two; either the weight-loss and fitness or the ability to protect themselves in a violent situation. One without the other just leaves you feeling like something is missing, doesn’t it?

When you train martial arts, weapons, kickboxing or grappling without the strength you know you could have, you may sometimes feel discouraged or that the techniques you are learning might not work. Conversely, you may be a champion Heavy-Weight Deadlifter, CrossFit Queen  or Yoga Master, but all that strength could be “functionalized” and honed into something more.

Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to synthesize those abilities in a way that could save your life and the lives of those you love? And of course the bonus side benefits of fast reflexes, agility, grace and mind-body connection you’ll develop with our strength and martial training methods.

martial training methods

We know that “Movement is Mandatory” (to borrow the term from the powerhouse Master Chim) in order to feel better and more confident. As you continue on your physical fitness journey with the tribe at Cultivate Power, you’ll also enjoy how your fitness investments translate to all areas of life. Exercising regularly can lessen anxiety and depression, making it easier to manage the house and work/life balance that feels like a juggling act for most of us.

From playing more with your kids, having more energy throughout your day and the improved intimacy in your love relationship, the countless benefits are well worth the effort.

Emotional Mastery Through Martial Arts: How Women in Oroville Harness Pressure

If we aren’t challenged, we don’t change. Life is challenging and our ability to handle pressure can be enhanced through healthy forms of pressure/stress like those experiences created on the mats in the dojo or under the barbell in our Member’s-Only Gym.

In fact, in the book What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scott Carney he writes:

“There is a growing consensus among many scientists and athletes that humans were not built for eternal and effortless homeostasis. Evolution made us seek comfort because comfort was never the norm. Human biology needs stress – not the sort of stress that damages muscle, gets us eaten by a bear or degrades our physiques – but the sort of environmental and physical oscillations that invigorates our nervous systems.”

High-variability training methods, both in the strength programs and in our martial arts classes (especially the JKD Combat Training), provide women with a safe environment to explore their limits and test their emotional resolve.

High-variability training methods

Imagine a scenario where there are multiple attackers and you can’t escape yet. The thought is stressful and so is the training scenario on the mats. It’s also fun and exciting! (It’s amazing how many smiles we see after students experience these scenarios in class.)

Creating realistic scenarios like these on the mats, with and without weapons, not only gives women answers to some of their worst fears (making them a little less fearful), but is also a healthy way to work through the emotions of the experience while in the dojo with the help of a supportive group of students and instructors.

There is an emotional maturation that develops from this kind of training. It grows into a form of confidence that no-one can take from you. Pair this with the happiness-producing exercise, social interaction and enjoyment from learning new things and you have the start of a long list of reasons to experience it yourself!

Conclusion: Cultivate Power Fighting Arts, a Unique Place for Women in Oroville to Enhance their Physical, Mental & Emotional IQ’s

There are several great options in our Oroville community where women can go to create or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and dance studios, crowded gyms, workshops and seasonal courses…

The next generation of CPFA women.
The next generation of CPFA women.

What makes the experience at Cultivate Power so unique is the blend of highly-effective methods from the Strength, Fitness, Nutrition and Martial disciplines that our world-class instructors have studied over decades, allowing us the ability to curate the perfect program for your goals in a facility that is here for you year-round.

Ready to transform your fitness journey and elevate your personal safety? Join the Oroville women mastering martial arts with us. Click here to schedule your free, 30-Minute Fitness Consultation with one of our experienced instructors so we can help you clearly define your goals and make a plan for you to achieve them.