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Meet Our Team

Get to Know the Skilled and Dedicated Team Behind Oroville’s Premiere Martial Arts Facility.

CPFA Head Instructor Darrell Thompson
Darrell Thompson
Head Instructor
Darrell’s dynamic journey in martial arts, driven by passion and determination, has shaped him into a skilled and charismatic instructor, inspiring students to reach their full potential.
CPFA Coach Jennifer Mutch
Jennifer Mutch
Jennifer’s diverse background in martial arts and self-defense has shaped her into a dedicated instructor, passionately empowering students and fostering their love for training and personal growth.
Amory Thompson, Assistant Instructor CPFA Oroville
Amory Thompson
Assistant Instructor
Amory’s rich lineage in martial arts and her unwavering commitment have molded her into a devoted instructor, ardently guiding students and nurturing their passion for training and self-development.
Cultivate Power Oroville Instructor Charles Whalley
Charles Whalley
Assistant Instructor
Charles Whalley’s early immersion in martial arts and diverse expertise have shaped him into a dedicated instructor, passionately inspiring students and fostering their journey in self-growth.