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Darrell Thompson
Head Instructor
CPFA Head Instructor Darrell Thompson

Darrell, a Devoted Martial Arts Enthusiast and Self-Improvement Mentor

Introducing Darrell, a passionate and committed martial arts expert with a strong focus on self-improvement and personal development. His fervor for martial arts was ignited in 2005 upon becoming a father, transforming his training from a mere hobby to a necessity for safeguarding his family.

Darrell’s quest for effective martial arts techniques led him to a seven-year journey training under Paul Vunak, the founder of Progressive Fighting Systems™️ and a long-time student of Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s best friend and training partner). Paul is renowned for his dynamic curriculum and intense training approach that embodies the essence of Bruce Lee’s ever-evolving Jeet Kune Do.

During this transformative period, Darrell also learned from Harinder Singh Sabharwal, Vunak’s business partner and top student at the time. Darrell absorbed the strength and attribute training systems designed specifically for martial artists, known as Action Strength™️. This unique system incorporates kettlebells, Gada (Indian Mace), Tai Chi, and Mala Vidyea (yogic principled bodyweight exercises) for a holistic approach to self-improvement.

In recent years, Darrell has dedicated himself to the art of Catch Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo, pushing his limits in regional and private competitions to hone his skills. Venturing further into the martial realm, he undertook Integrative Combatives training at American Tactical, a discipline that effortlessly combines hand-to-hand combat with blade and pistol transitions. With an ever-present thirst for knowledge and challenge, Darrell frequently attends events and seminars to amplify his martial arts acumen.

Darrell is not only a natural and motivational instructor but also a lifelong learner dedicated to his own evolution. He continually seeks out and trains with the world’s best warriors and coaches in their respective fields, understanding the immense value of continuous personal growth. Attuned to the unique needs of each individual, Darrell guides people towards becoming stronger, healthier, and happier through the dual paths of martial arts and personal development.

Qualifications & Training: Progressive Fighting Systems Senior Instructor (Contemporary Jeet Kune Do)​, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu CSW Black Belt, Judo Green Belt, Trained at Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School (Wilderness Survival Skills)

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